Work Health – Get in the Zone With an Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

How a spacing saving adjustable desk riser and diet make all the difference in work health!

In 2018, productivity is more important than ever and believe it or not, an adjustable standing desk riser may be the key to unlocking your most productive self. Whether for work or sport “getting in the zone” is the key to unlocking the prolific and constructive part of our brain. It’s what drives us to get things done quickly and effectively without wasted motion.

Professional athletes famously talk about being in the zone, how things slowed down for them while working together harmoniously to produce the best performances possible. That same zone that athletes talk about can be found at a desk job. Unfortunately, athletes have adrenaline and are focused on athletic achievement to help lock them into the zone. An office worker has a much harder time getting as psyched about a finance report than Lebron James dunking in front of millions of people.

Yet, fanfare or not, the office worker still needs to get things done and it would greatly behoove him or her if they could find their way into that same zone that Lebron James does. Here are two keys to help you get into that sought-after zone.

You Are What You Eat:

Your diet goes a long way in determining how productive you will be at work. Everyone has days where they wake up listless or unmotivated; that’s normal. However, what you eat weighs heavily on how often you wake up feeling that way. The same is true while you are at work.

Don’t skip breakfast. More and more Americans do but that is setting yourself up for failure. Your body needs fuel to enter the zone and the healthier the food, the easier it is to work efficiently, maximizing productivity. A bunch of fast food is a death knell for productivity. The sugar and salts along with poor quality meats are a sure-fire combination for a listless afternoon.

Your Work Station:

The workstation may be the most underrated key to an employee’s productivity. An adjustable standing desk riser may also be the ultimate tool in unlocking the zone. There is a reason why smart companies like Google and Facebook are buying these adjustable standing desks risers by the truckload. The research is in, standing desks not only improve productivity but also, the health of workers! It makes sense, just like proper fueling your body is not only good for you but also for your work. The same is true for standing desks.

Get in the zone with an adjustable standing desk | VersaDeskBy breaking up the sedentary nature of an office job, an adjustable standing desk riser and space-saving desk systems help avoid a litany of health issues. Extended periods of sitting put workers at higher risk for diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The research shows that having an adjustable standing desk riser that allows employees to toggle between sitting and standing unlocks new levels of productivity. It’s as if breaking up the sedentary nature of office work is the key to entering the zone.


Whether you are an employee or employer, having a healthy, happy and productive workforce is vital in today’s ultra-competitive economy. Many space-saving systems are affordably priced. You also have to remember that these standing desks are investments with immediate returns. What other office tools can you buy that instantly improves the health and well being of your workforce? Standing desks are the future of offices: don’t get left in the past.

How To Convince Your Boss To Get You A Standing Desk

If your boss is amazing and you have a little more leeway to ask for things that you may need, then why not ask for an electric powered push-button height adjusting standing desk!

Companies worldwide are aware of the residual effect of having a happier productive employee can be.  That is why more and more companies are investing in their companies through their workers well being by getting them a standing desk.

Tip #1: Start with a compliment.

Compliments won’t get you what you want, but it does brighten another person’s day, especially if it’s a bad one. But, if you really want to get someone to buy you something, you have to present a real need. If you’ve just had back surgery, for example, a standing desk would definitely keep you productive in your workspace!

Don’t just say, it show it. Remember actions speak louder than words.


Tip #2: Be specific about the pros and cons.

Before you speak to your boss, create a list so that you are prepared.

Maybe your boss isn’t ready to commit to spending the money  to upgrade your desk to a standing desk, but if he or she is able to upgrade desks over a period of time, then it won’t be as bad. It would be a more affordable expense and one that would help to promote office morale.  Something to consider mentioning when speaking to your boss or HR.

Electric desks like the original Electric Pushbutton VersaDesk Power Pro, are powered by a motor that pulls as little as that of a cell phone charging. Built-in surge protectors make sure that your electronics work for a long, long time, and a competitive lifetime money back warranty on frames and 3 years on the motor guarantee that your desk will be a worthwhile lifetime investment!

Tip #3: Offer solutions to the cons.

Manual desktop risers cause unnecessary strain on your back.  You have to lean forward and lift the whole weight of your desk and the contents on its surface.   Often these manual standing desk risers are unstable as well.  There have been several reports of manual desk risers falling on people, due to their inadequate structural design.  Gas powered standing desk systems can leak oil and other manual standing desk systems are more or less annoying with their clicking noise that comes from adjusting to a pre-determined set notch.  Cheaper height adjustable desk options often use plastic for their surface structure as well, which leads to a cheap feeling overall and easily scratched and does not clean well.

An electric sit-to-stand desktop riser from VersaDesk is the only truly affordable ergonomic option.   You won’t need to bend over, to adjust your desk.  All of the VersaDesk sit-to-stand desks and desk risers are powered by patented electric push-button height adjustment technology that allows you to go from sitting to standing in seconds and all at the push of a button.

With these outstanding features, you won’t want to stand behind anything else!

You could also show your boss this review in to help back your case.  

Why You Should Provide Healthy Snacks for Your Employees!

Healthy Snacks Are One of The Ingredients To a Happier Employee!

It’s no secret that healthier, happier employees make up a better workforce. People want to come into work! Displaying more enjoyment in their jobs because their bosses make the extra effort. Nobody wants to work for a company with high turnover rates!

Something as simple as healthy snacks in the office can attract top talent. Prospective employees with better skill sets are looking for better perks in their workspaces. Those who spend long hours want something more in return.  A company that shows that they recognize and rewards their efforts will definitely create added loyalty.

Nowadays, a lot of workplaces offer snacks to their employees. With online ordering, streamlining the process makes it even easier for offices willing to go the extra mile! Reliable grocery delivery companies like AmazonFresh offers a subscription plan with huge discounts and free shipping on qualifying orders. Companies like FreshDirect, GoBio!, and Local Harvest specialize in locally grown, organic, gluten-free options, while Snack Nation charges a flat rate for boxed goods with single serve items delivered directly to your door!

Imagine coming into work and seeing this!

It doesn’t just have to start and stop with free snacks!  Help keep office workers active and healthy offering things like Emergen-C! The return on interest may not be immediately noticeable.  Yet, the smiles on peoples’ faces definitely make the office feel like a home away from home.

VersaDesk is currently seeing a huge surge in productivity after implementing a program that offers free healthy snacks to its employees, and happier people means happier customers!


What are the Health Benefits of a Standing Desk?

No Pain, No Gain?  That’s not true according to research about the benefits of a standing desk.

What are the benefits fo a standing desk?

Living a sedentary lifestyle can raise some serious health concerns. Recent studies report that inflammation caused by sitting too long can lead to cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, colon cancer, osteoporosis, depression, and anxiety. It’s shocking that the health benefits of a standing desk have not been more widely accepted until recently. 

Office work can cause further complications to your health like neck and back pain!  Technological advancements have improved in recent years, introducing alternatives for a more active body like electric standing desks and desk risers that can help you further improve your quality of life!  

How Can Sit-to-Stand Desks and Electric Tabletop Desk Converters Help Me?
Time to start healthy habits!

Sit-to-stand desk converters are the solution!  They were designed to resolve the negative impacts of long hours spent hunched over a computer. It’s difficult to turn away from unhealthy habits. These electronic powered ergonomically designed products were made to improve peoples work experience!

Being on your feet is a great way to motivate yourself to do other things. Just that little bit of time spent standing can help you to avoid complications from serious illnesses. Type 2 diabetes and degenerative joint disorders like arthritis and osteoporosis are among the many. How do you make sure you are getting the full benefits of a standing desk? Remember to sit down if your legs and feet start to hurt. There’s no reason why anyone needs to make it harder for themselves! Doctors recommend switching from standing to sitting every 30 minutes.

No Time for Exercise?
10-15 minutes of calisthenic exercise can get you toned and help you feel more energetic throughout your work day!

A little bit of exercise can go a long way! A long walk at a park or a beach can be an amazing start for a simple routine! Only have little free time? Just 10-15 minutes of calisthenic exercises can have a huge positive impact on your health. A combination of push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks before or after a long day at work!  

You don’t have to stick to a strict diet. You can choose healthier meals during the week and cut your portions in half. Forgoing artificial sugars that can be found in sodas and fruit “juices” for water will make a huge difference! Eat healthier snacks. Whole fruits and vegetables are a lot better for you than a 300-400 calorie bag of potato chips! 

Everything Starts with a Choice!
What sit-stand desk option is right for me?

Healthy living isn’t always about making the biggest or hardest leaps into a crazy fitness plan! Everyone has to start somewhere. Make important changes in your life that are better managed with a healthy mindset. VersaDesk offers several different versions of electric height adjusting sit-stand desks and desk risers to fit your needs.  That way you can get the one the meets your exact needs.


12 Tips for People Thinking About Getting a Standing Desk

Ergonomically engineered standing desks have found their way into multiple offices and living rooms worldwide! Health professionals are praising these new workplace advances that help people keep active in their office spaces. With so many options already on the market, it’s difficult to know what you’re looking for when choosing the right sit to stand desk or tabletop desk riser to suit your needs.

We’ve constructed a list of 12 things that might help you make a more educated decision when buying a new standing desk or desk lift:

1. How long will I plan to be on my feet?

You’ll be spending most of your day on your feet, so make sure you’ve got comfortable shoes, or purchase an anti-fatigue floor mat to help you for long days at your workstation.

2. Will there be enough space for my new sit to stand desk?

Don’t forget to measure your workstation so you’ll know exactly how much space you’ll need. Also, keep in mind that you might need some extra space for things like a computer tray, so add a few more numbers to your measurements to keep yourself comfortable.

3. What is the shipping timeline like (when buying online)?

When buying anything, make sure that your retailer has enough product in stock to eliminate any annoying wait times. Also, how much are you paying for shipping, and is your purchase insured from damages?

4. Can it stand the test of time?

Major purchases are expensive, and most people will expect a quality purchase to last for at least a full year or more. Is there a warranty and what kind? What kind of materials are used to make your desk? How much weight can it withstand? Is it dust and/or scratch resistant?

5. Will installation be difficult?

Some products may come pre-assembled, but others won’t. Make sure you know what you’re getting and if you have the time to figure out how to build your new furniture pieces. Even if you’re the type of person that likes DIY projects, furniture assembly can be a pain.

6. Will you need a multiple monitor set-up or any other accessories?

For those of us buying a new desk to fill a workspace, our jobs may provide a multiple monitor set-up to increase productivity. Will your monitors be customizable to your personal preferences? Will you need a computer carrier or USB ports to power other electronic devices connected to your new desk?

7. Do other people like what you’re buying?

It’s always a good idea to check online reviews for your purchases. It gives you a better idea of what to expect when you finally receive it.

8. Electronic or manual sit to stand desk and desk riser. What’s the difference?

Will it be easy to adjust to the height that you need? Manual desks use notches, hand cranks, and pedals connected to a mechanical gas pump. Gas pedals will run out of fuel, hand cranks get harder to manage with a heavy load, and notches make it more difficult to adjust your standing desk to your personal preferences. You’ll have to remove everything from the top of your desk to adjust its height, which can make manual standing desks difficult to use.
Electronic standing desks eliminate these problems but can be a little more expensive than their cheaper counterparts. At times, an electronic standing desk may actually be a cheaper purchase! It’s always good to compare brands and find what’s best for you!

9. Full desk or desktop riser? What’s best for my budget?

If you’re looking for a standing desk on a budget, you also have the option to purchase a tabletop desk converter instead of buying a full desk! You can even install a keyboard tray that slides out from the desk that you already own! A full sized desk is a premium purchase, so it should go without saying that you should make sure that you can afford one.

10. How will you manage wires connected to your new desk?

Some sit to stand desks and risers come fully assembled, and full-sized desks are sometimes customizable with premium options, like a CPU caddy, optional mounts for USB ports, a cable organizer, etc.

11. How much desk space is available?

A lot of different products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but electronic standing desks and risers are typically built with a low profile. Due to its design, manufacturers are able to adjust its speed, which means that there’s no need to use bulkier materials by trying to be more cost-effective, resulting in a hulking mess that takes up all of your desk space!

12. How will the desk look in my home or office?

Are you working in a warehouse, an industrial plant, a corporate office, or are you buying one for your home? Is your new desk customizable? How does it look compared to everything else in your home?

Why VersaDesk is The Best Choice


Better for Your Health

VersaDesk just makes better equipment! With every adaptable single push-button elevated desk and tabletop variant that rolls off the assembly line, you can strengthen your back and your bank account by making a life-long investment!

We create our electric standing desks and desk risers with the user in mind. We aim to help improve your work productivity while improving your health!

A More Durable Build for a Better Value

Full-sized standing desk tables are able to withstand up to 500 lbs, We make our standing desk to withstand more top-down pressure by creating them with the best high-grade steel. All of our products come with scratch-resistant surfaces that keep their tabletops shiny and glossy for years.  VersaDesk in-house team of engineers are always looking to make groundbreaking changes for the future, and we take pride in implementing their ideas and perspectives!

Benefits of Electric vs. Manual

Manual desks are incredibly difficult to adjust and the best ones cost just as much as their electric counterparts! They’re made from cheap materials, like cardboard, cork, or wood, and DIY varieties are built like furniture hobby kits.

Electric desks are easier to operate with a single push of a button! With an electric desk, you can adjust the height of the desk exactly to where you want. Manual standing desks come with set height notches, making it more difficult to adjust to your preferred height.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Have you ever been working on a difficult project only to have to take breaks to stretch, thereby ruining your concentration? Why force yourself to stop everything that you’re doing just to stretch your feet for a few minutes?
Sit to stand desks and height adjustable tabletop risers boost productivity by up to 30%, giving you the flexibility to move around!

Save Money

For about the same cost of a manual one, you can own a one-of-a-kind sit to stand desk and desk riser, and sometimes even cheaper!

The choice is clear: VersaDesk will always stand up against the competition!

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3 Things You Can Change RIGHT NOW to Stay Healthy!

People don’t just lose a ton of weight overnight. It takes a lot of time and starts with building a better version of yourself. But, how do you even start doing that? You can start by making small changes, which will eventually lead to making bigger ones later!

How to Stay Healthy?

You can make necessary changes for your health by kicking bad habits or cutting back on the things that you already know are hurting you. By stopping unhealthy routines such as smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating, you can help yourself to a better quality of life, as these habits will always lead to trouble. It won’t be easy, but it’ll give you more control of yourself in the long-run.

In contrast, cut back on things like sugar, caffeine and junk food. You can imbibe on a few vices and the health benefits from moderation will always make a difference.

You Need Sleep!

Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental to both your mental and physical well-being! When you don’t get a full night’s rest, you can be affected by lowered metabolism, difficulty concentrating, loss of memory, bad moods, lowered motor skills, elevated stress hormones, a lowered immune system, and impose risks to your cardiovascular health.

Even if it’s not possible to get a good night’s sleep, getting an electric standing desk or tabletop desk riser for the office might help with your morale at work! Standing helps with your blood circulation, which reduces inflammation in your joints, and keeps you awake and aware so that you can concentrate on being productive!

Starting an Easy Exercise Routine can be A Great Start!

You really just need about 30 minutes, three times a week, of walking to get yourself on the road to better cardiovascular health, which helps you breathe better, leading to a lowered risk for heart disease. Regular exercise can also help with your blood circulation and has been known to decrease the symptoms of depression.

Also, sit to stand furniture has been shown to keep workers active and healthy, leading to better lives in the long-run. It also promotes activity by keeping you on your feet, with the option to sit in case your legs feel a little wobbly!

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Are Uneducated Funks Starting a S*it Show?

About the Author:

Justin Oung is a digital marketing strategist, researcher, and writer. He is a current content contributor for Versa Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electric standing desk converters and standing desks. 

7 Tips to Help People Suffering from Back Pain!

As kids, we never really thought about keeping good posture or maintaining a healthy diet! We were more concerned with watching our favorite cartoons and getting those sugary goodies. Now fast forward to today, and some of us are dealing with the consequences. A bad back is never fun, so here are some tips to help you with managing your pain! Today we will show you how to stop back pain. 

  1. Keep good posture while standing and sleeping!

    There is no absolute “best” thing to do for better posture, but keeping your back straight instead of slouching in your chair, or getting the best ergonomic electric standing desk to keep you from having to sit for too long at work, may help you keep a better posture. Furthermore, choosing a comfortable sleeping position may also help to relieve stress. So, if you’re used to sleeping on your side, then you can place a pillow between your legs. Sleeping on your back means that you can elevate your knees, releasing some pressure from your lower back.

  2. Stress can aggravate inflammation!

    Studies have shown that inflammation is a cause for any type of pain, both physical and mental. Reducing it in the body is how we can help ourselves live a better quality of life! As both body and mind are linked, doing what you can to relieve stress, from exercise to meditation, can reduce inflammation in your body!

  3. Limit excessive bed rest!

    Some bed rest may help to alleviate pressure in your back, but staying in bed too long may lead to other problems, such as constipation and muscles losing tone and definition. Also, long-term bed rest can lead to depressive symptoms, elevating the fluids in your body that cause inflammation to get much worse!

  4. Finding and maintaining the right exercise routine!

    The only way to truly find the right exercise program for a better back is to talk to a physical therapist, or a doctor that specializes in your condition. There are different types of exercises, like seated rotational stretches to minimize impact. While these exercises won’t build tone and muscle, they will strengthen the muscles in your back, which will give you better overall conditioning for your day to day activities.

  5. Getting ergonomic furniture and equipment for better health!

    Working for long hours in a computer chair, or sitting in front of your computer for extended periods of time, can create those same problems that you get from excessive bed rest. An electric sit to stand desk or desk riser can definitely improve your quality of life in the workplace, and portable equipment like dumb bells and mini exercise bikes can make it easier for you to stay active while doing low impact aerobic and anaerobic exercises from the comfort of your own home or office!

  6. Stop using the brace as soon as you feel comfortable!

    Keeping the brace on for too long may lead to sedentary behaviors, adding unnecessary stress from staying stagnant, as well as the muscle loss as described earlier. Try to become more active as soon as you heal so that you can continue  strength and endurance training for your body!

  7. Applying both ICE and HEAT!

    Anyone who has experienced a back injury knows how much impact it can have on a person who likes to keep moving. Applying an ice pack to reduce swelling and a heat pack to relieve pressure in 15-30 minute intervals, in accordance with medication used to help treat pain, may help to minimize the injury from becoming long-term.

About the Author:
Justin Oung is a digital marketing strategist, researcher, and writer. He is a current content contributor for Versa Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electric standing desk converters and standing desks.

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7 Tips on How to Stay Productive When Working From a Home Office.

It’s really difficult to stay on task when you’re freelancing or working at home! There are just too many distractions! How do we manage our lives with so much television, video games, board games, Lego blocks, etc.

I’m not sure how I did it, but I’ve worked as a freelance writer from home. It’s a lonely existentialist existence, but not insofar as to make me become a Nihilist. I just wanted to sound smart and impressive.

Either way, I had to be productive while working without supervision! How did I do it? Read on to find out!

  1. Keep a Schedule!

    I’m not saying that you should keep a work schedule and just work the exact same hours every day. That’s the reason why you decided to work from home! You get to spend time with the kids, take them to and from school, cook them dinner, work out at the gym, etc. How do you even find the time to get any work done with all this time dedicated to having a real life?
    Well, keep a planner handy and set a to-do list for the day. Try to make an effort to stick to that schedule. Also, it doesn’t hurt to cook your family meals a week in advance.

  2. Communication is Key!

    Honesty is always good in building working relationships with anyone. However, that doesn’t mean that you should call your boss a… bad word… if you don’t do your work. Be truthful about what you’re doing and talking to your employers about any concerns about timelines and expectations.
    This is how you keep both you and the person paying you from developing a bad relationship. This way, if you do everything you needed to do to the best of your ability, people can’t complain about your work!

  3. Contract Work is a Partnership, and Payment Should Be Fair!

    Never work for free on a contract job. That’s called an internship, and any company worth a grain of salt will pay you for accepting one. When starting work with someone new, the terms should be transparent in order to avoid problems. If you can, get paid up front if you’re not signing anything, or get half the money when you start and half when you’re done.
    If nothing else, trust your gut. Even if it were a bad decision for whatever reason, it was yours to make. You felt that something wasn’t right and bailed. You can’t be mad at yourself for making your own decisions.

  4. Stay Focused!

    Doing your job while streaming videos online? Don’t pay attention to those videos! You’ll get stuck in a loop of never-ending stories!
    Got a problem with sleep? Buy a standing desk! Get coffee! Take a break!
    If you’re freelancing and you’re working, it means you need to get paid! Do the work! Pay your rent!

  5. Maintain an Organized Workspace!

    Don’t forget to cross your Q’s and dot your I’s. It doesn’t have to be an actual work space if you’re on a laptop, but make sure things are organized well so that you can turn in clean work. Being professional is always better than turning in sloppy work!

  6. Go Outside!

    You’re not a dwarf in a fantasy novel! If you haven’t seen the sun in a few months, you’re going to get lonely!
    Human contact is an important part of living. Don’t make the mistake of staying at home ALL THE TIME unless you’ve got a phobia! In which case, I hope you get through your time of need and learn to accept kind people with open arms.