Standing Desk Benefits: How to Avoid Pain at Work

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How Ergonomics and A Standing Desk Benefits Your Body

Using an ergonomic setup will greatly increase your standing desk benefits: first and foremost let’s get you working without back pain and fatigue. “A sedentary lifestyle is as hazardous to your health as smoking cigarettes,” a health tagline of 2018. That is because it’s true. Office workers are especially at risk since their jobs require them to sit at a desk for prolonged periods.  

Sitting for long periods of time can cause neck strain and back pain.

It may not sound like debilitating behavior but the statistics are in and sitting can kill. Therefore, since 80% of jobs in America are considered sedentary, it’s time Americans took a hard look at changing to an ergonomic desk setup. Standing desks benefit thousands of office workers all over America. Not only are these savvy Americans avoiding serious health complications, they are feeling better than ever by switching from traditional desk to a motorized standing desk. Read on if you’d like to learn about standing desk benefits.


Positioning: Right Place, Right Position

Standing is something we’ve all done since our first awkward steps. Unfortunately, especially at work, most of us have been doing it wrong. Our bodies work in concert, so even the smallest deviations can lead to pressure in the wrong places.

One common mistake is leaning forward to see your screen. By leaning forward, you’re placing tension on your back and neck. Make sure you have a proper standing desk height to alleviate this issue. By having your screen closer to eye level, you’ll be able to work effectively without dipping your head and causing back pain. This is where a standing desk benefits your body greatly.

Proper ergonmoics keeps you from hunching at your desk
Quit sitting hunched over. Sit up straight and adjust your desk for proper ergonomics.

Another position tip involves your keyboard. Most people type with their keyboard below chest level, which can create problems. Working in this position for an extended period is bad for your arms, shoulders and wrists. This standard position limits circulation and puts stress on your joints. The ideal location for your keyboard is below your desktop and slightly under your elbows. Unfortunately, this is essentially impossible for laptop users. Using a separate keyboard is a possibility but understandably not very practical.


Desk Height & Posture

To best utilize an ergonomic desk setup it’s all about positioning. We’ve covered the optimal position for your arms and neck, now it’s time for your feet and the desk. The beauty of a motorized standing desk is its flexibility. With a simple touch of a button, you can adjust your standing desk height until it fits you to a tee. Such choice then begs the question: what is the perfect desk height for you? Thankfully, this helpful website give you the answer, simply put in your height and find out the exact height that’s best for you!

Use ergonomics to achieve full standing desk benefits
Finding the proper height for your desk and monitor is key to achieving ergonomic standing desk benefits.

Now it’s time for your feet, the foundation. How you position your feet sets the tone for the rest of your body. First, place them hip-distance apart with one slightly in front of the other. By staggering your feet you’ll be relieving pressure from your lower back. Your weight should be on the balls of your feet. Shifting your weight from side to side is recommended to avoid stagnating. A great tool for helping your feet is an anti-fatigue mat and comfortable shoes. Both go a long way is making standing an easier proposition. For more posture tips check out this wiki on standing properly.


Americans famously work incredibly hard. We put in long hours to pull ourselves up from our proverbial bootstraps. Fighting back, neck and lower body pain shouldn’t be part of the battle to succeed. A standing desk benefits not only your body but also your productivity. It’s a lot easier to get things done when your body is feeling good. Check out one of VersaDesk‘s sit stand desk top risers and desk applying ergonomic desk setup methodology and see how it can change your life!