Sitting Or Standing: Adjustable Desk Solves An Age Old Problem


How an adjustable standing desk can not only save your body but your life.


In 2018, we are prioritizing our health more than ever; yet, the vast majority of the population are lacking a vital tool in the battle for well being: an adjustable standing desk. To many, the idea of standing as opposed to sitting at work is akin to Chinese water torture. That’s likely because most people relate the idea of standing to being a security guard or dishwashers. Jobs that are incredibly taxing on your body, even if you aren’t moving much.

However, the point of a sit-stand desk isn’t to force you to stand all day. In fact standing all day comes with its own health complications. The idea of an adjustable standing desk is to find the right balance of sitting and standing that keeps you productive, healthy and happy. Don’t believe that standing can improve your overall well-being and output? Well, read on because we are about to put that belief to bed.


What Sitting Too Much Can Do To You:

Sitting all day is unhealthy
“…prolonged sitting produces chemical changes that lead to the deposit of fats in unhealthy places.”

Let’s start with a jarring fact: according to Dr.David Agus, sitting for more five hours a day is the equivalent to smoking more than a pack of cigarettes a day. Without getting too technical, prolonged sitting produces chemical changes that lead to the deposit of fats in unhealthy places. According to Harvard Medical school, it is these processes that put people with sedentary lifestyles at much higher risk of obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even premature death! Standing burns more calories and essentially resets your body. This reset essentially minimizes damaging fats from settling into places it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t to buy a very tall desk and stand all day. That comes with its own set of complications…



What Standing All Day Can Do To You:

Standing All day is not good for you
Just when you thought you were doing some good…

If the idea of standing all day sounds like one of Dante’s seven rings, that’s because it is. It is also about as healthy as living in one of the rings. Anyone who’s worked a sales floor or in the food industry can tell you the pain and difficulty of a job that allows you to sit less than 5% of the time. The numbers back up the anecdotal evidence. The Institute for Work & Health in Toronto found that those who primarily stand are actually more at risk for heart disease than those who sat. It appears you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Thankfully there is an answer: an adjustable standing desk.


How A Sit-Stand Desk Could Save Your Life:

We have established that sitting too much can kill you and standing too much might also be harmful. So what are you supposed to do? While studies can’t quite agree on which is worse, they do agree on one thing. Mixing some sitting and standing throughout your work day is by far the best thing for your short and long-term health. That’s where an adjustable standing desk is worth its weight in gold. Check out some of the electric height adjustable ones from VersaDesk. These desks lend the option of a quick push of a button for height adjustment. Standing helps burn calories and keep muscles active. Sitting rests your back and stops too much blood from pooling in your legs, which can build up oxidative stress.

Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser
Doctors recommend going between intervals of 30 minutes of sitting to standing throughout your workday.

Unfortunately, being healthy is never the path of least resistance. Proper care of your body requires persistence and attention to detail. An adjustable standing desk makes it easier than ever to avoid damaging your body without even knowing it. However, a sit-stand desk takes some adjusting to. Start slow, stand for 15-20 min at a time with breaks whenever necessary. Don’t go from sitting all day to standing half the time, instead allow your body to adjust to standing part of the time. Also, an anti-fatigue mat is a fantastic supplementary product that will ease tension on your knees and ankles. You only get one body and an adjustable standing desk is one of the best ways to ensure it doesn’t break down before its time.