How To Convince Your Boss To Get You A Standing Desk

If your boss is amazing and you have a little more leeway to ask for things that you may need, then why not ask for an electric powered push-button height adjusting standing desk!

Companies worldwide are aware of the residual effect of having a happier productive employee can be.  That is why more and more companies are investing in their companies through their workers well being by getting them a standing desk.

Tip #1: Start with a compliment.

Compliments won’t get you what you want, but it does brighten another person’s day, especially if it’s a bad one. But, if you really want to get someone to buy you something, you have to present a real need. If you’ve just had back surgery, for example, a standing desk would definitely keep you productive in your workspace!

Don’t just say, it show it. Remember actions speak louder than words.


Tip #2: Be specific about the pros and cons.

Before you speak to your boss, create a list so that you are prepared.

Maybe your boss isn’t ready to commit to spending the money  to upgrade your desk to a standing desk, but if he or she is able to upgrade desks over a period of time, then it won’t be as bad. It would be a more affordable expense and one that would help to promote office morale.  Something to consider mentioning when speaking to your boss or HR.

Electric desks like the original Electric Pushbutton VersaDesk Power Pro, are powered by a motor that pulls as little as that of a cell phone charging. Built-in surge protectors make sure that your electronics work for a long, long time, and a competitive lifetime money back warranty on frames and 3 years on the motor guarantee that your desk will be a worthwhile lifetime investment!

Tip #3: Offer solutions to the cons.

Manual desktop risers cause unnecessary strain on your back.  You have to lean forward and lift the whole weight of your desk and the contents on its surface.   Often these manual standing desk risers are unstable as well.  There have been several reports of manual desk risers falling on people, due to their inadequate structural design.  Gas powered standing desk systems can leak oil and other manual standing desk systems are more or less annoying with their clicking noise that comes from adjusting to a pre-determined set notch.  Cheaper height adjustable desk options often use plastic for their surface structure as well, which leads to a cheap feeling overall and easily scratched and does not clean well.

An electric sit-to-stand desktop riser from VersaDesk is the only truly affordable ergonomic option.   You won’t need to bend over, to adjust your desk.  All of the VersaDesk sit-to-stand desks and desk risers are powered by patented electric push-button height adjustment technology that allows you to go from sitting to standing in seconds and all at the push of a button.

With these outstanding features, you won’t want to stand behind anything else!

You could also show your boss this review in to help back your case.